Basement Flooring

Understanding styles & the subfloor

Flooring Considerations

There are a myriad of flooring options available for your Basement Renovation, but make sure to choose an option based on your Basement humidity conditions. Consider the Basement function. Different flooring should be installed for a basement apartment vs. a family living space. 

We approach each Basement Renovation with the utmost attention to style, function and comfort and build properly, from the ground up. 

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Floor Options

In most cases we reccomend a high quality vinyl flooring and underlay. Vinyl flooring is durable, has a natural wood-like appearance and reacts well to stable humidity levels. 

In areas with unstable humidity levels such as bathrooms, we would reccommend ceramic tiles or plank vinyl flooring as a resistance to the elements.

In addition, there are limitless options available for styles and sizes in flooring. The most popular being Engineered Hardwood, Porcelain Tile and of course Carpet.

The Best Sub-floor

Be sure to incorporate a high quality sub-floor with your flooring choice. 

The function of the sub-floor is to protect your surface floor against moisture damage and mold in a damp environment.

You may use a simple underlayment for simple protection, but  Plywood or Barricade flooring is the best sub-floor for flooring installation.

Flooring for basement Oshawa

Flooring Costs

With an unlimited variety of flooring options, costs of floor can range from $1 to as much as $20 per square foot for the highest quality hardwoods. Installation costs also range and depend on factors such as preparation time, levelling requirements, square footage and more. You may consult with us to get an accurate quote for your Basement Renovation.

Flooring for basement Oshawa

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