Basement Renovations

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Basement Renovations are the easiest way to ADD Value to your home

The traditional view of the basement has been changing, whereas before they were used as a recreational space, now more and more they are being used as a secondary source of income or for a home office.  If you are looking to create a rental suite, through a Basement Renovation, we will consult with you to ensure the most effective use of space so that you can gain the highest rent per square foot.  As a home office, you want to be comfortable and be able to work efficiently.  Atlas will ensure the correct layout to maximize available light and ensure the highest level of comfort for your Basement Renovation.


At Atlas Renovations, we help our customers develop an understanding of what they hope to achieve.  We are there to consult, to work with you and to ensure you get the best result.  You can rely on our experience to guide you along the way.


Basement Renovation – Space Usage 

Use all of your home

Create a secondary source of income

Increase your re-sale value

Basement Renovation – Home Office

Adapt to the New Normal

Increase your productivity

Rick Jackson
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Atlas helped us to design and optimize the space in our basement to maximize the potential in rental income. We were impressed with their knowledge and current trends.
Peter Thomas
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After deciding to work from home, I wanted my own private space, without distractions. Thanks to Gabor, we were able to design all that was needed. They really have an eye for function and style!
Robert & Jennifer
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"We received valuable advice and brilliant solutions to all our renovation needs. The quality of the workmanship was excellent."

Factors to Consider for a Succesful Basement Renovation

Basement Renovation Costs

The cost of a Basement Renovation in the GTA varies between $60 and $90 per square foot, which of course depends on a variety of factors and Atlas Renovations can have it done is as little as 8 weeks.

In general, to get a down and dirty cost, just multiply your square footage with the footage costs above. Typically, the starting cost of a Basement Renovation starts at approximately $40,000.

Average Cost to Finish a  Basement  Based on Square Footage

  • 400-500 sq. ft. = $30,000 – $45000
  • 500-600 sq. ft. = $30000 – $54000
  • 600-700 sq. ft. = $36000 – $63000
  • 700-800 sq. ft. = $42,000 – $72000
  • 800-900 sq. ft. = $48000 – $81000
  • 1000-1500 sq. ft. = $60000 – $135000

We offer options for every budget by simply providing the most cost-effective budgets based on our 15 years experience in the Market.

Renovation basement in Oshawa

Completed in 4-6 weeks, for every style and budget

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