Why your Window choice

is so important

Understand Usage

Be sure to have a clear understanding of your reasons behind replacing your windows. Whether it be reducing heating costs, aesthetics, old age or increasing viewable space, we aim to complete the project at the most affordable price to you.

House renovations in Oshawa
House renovations in Oshawa 1

Window Replacement Types

There are 3 main types of replacement windows

Vinyl windows are cost effective, easy to maintain and aesthtically pleasing

Wood windows are the least cost effective due to their material costs but are the most aesthetically pleasing and will help in reducing heating costs.

Fiberglass, the creme de la creme of replacement windows are by far the most expensive, but mitigate that by being far and away the most energy efficient,  aesthetically pleasing and easiest to maintain.

We are accustomed to work with all the differing types, and by combining the latest design trends and styles enable our customers realize what’s possible with what’s feasible.

Basement Windows

Basement Windows are an important consideration when analyzing the overall design, cost and space planning of your next renovation project.  Replace, increase size or legalize basement units with us to increase the appleal of your home. Call us to leverage our 15 years worth of experience designing and executing Basement Renovations projects.


Basement renovations in Oshawa

Save Money on your

heating costs

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