The Secrets of Effective

Basement Design

Understand Usage

Be sure to have a clear purpose for the usage of the basement space. Whether it be a Basement Apartment, Home Office, Living Space, Kids Playroom or other application, we aim to lead you in the application of design trends, styles to create an effective usage of the Basement Space

House renovations in Oshawa
House renovations in Oshawa 1

Floor Plan

We aim to be versatile and flexible when capturing the priorities and lifestyles of our clients and translating them through practical floor plans with fresh ideas.

We combine the latest interior design trends and styles to be current in order to enable our customers realize what’s possible with what’s feasible.

Material and Color Selection

Our experienced design consultants will help match your floor plan with interior finishing styles, trends and options inspired by our 15 years worth of experience designing and executing Basement Renovations projects.

We pride ourselves on staying in stride with the the what’s what of the style community

House renovations in Oshawa

Create a Secondary Source

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